Jun 25th, '05, 00:41

So you want to open a tearoom....here's how!

by Guest » Jun 25th, '05, 00:41

Thyme for Tea in Lansdale Pa is hosting a seminar Sepember 18-21,2005 and again in March( dates to be announced). We are offering a comprehensive course to provide potential tearoom oweners the tools they need to get started and be sucessful. Our Dream to Reality; How to Own and Operate a Sucessful Tearoom will cover everything from financing and business plans, kitchen tips and tricks, dressing your tearoom, marketing, obtaining free press, press releases, retailing and much more. To find out more about us you can read our reviews on tea map, visit our website
ThymeforTea.us and check us out on the world tea expo, as my mother was a speaker last year and will hopfully be this year as well. We decided to this shortly after we opened to help other people who have the same desire and vision that we do. I look forward to talking to each and everyone of you. Let us help you make your dream a reality!
Contact Maria or Bonnie at Thyme for Tea 215-362-2466


Jul 27th, '05, 12:36

Starting a tea business

by Sally » Jul 27th, '05, 12:36

Check out this new web site on starting a tea business of any kind.


Hope you find it helpful.

Aug 8th, '05, 17:26

by Maria » Aug 8th, '05, 17:26

Great site Sally! What kind of circulation does your newsletter reach?

Aug 24th, '05, 20:52

by Maria » Aug 24th, '05, 20:52

Updated information

Our next seminar will be March 15-19th 2006. Thank you for all of your inquiries and I hope to meet many of you this September.
Thanks again!
-Maria Rivera
Thyme for Tea

Aug 28th, '05, 23:35
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Maria Rivera Thyme for Tea Seminar

by Robb2 » Aug 28th, '05, 23:35

Hi Maria, please send me more info on the seminar. Will it be in PA with a national webcast...or...? Thanks, Robb

Aug 29th, '05, 00:06

by maria » Aug 29th, '05, 00:06

Thanks for your interest. Our seminar will be hosted in our tearoom. We are located in Lansdale Pa. If you would like our Information packet I would be happy to send it to you all I need is your address. Email me at Maraistea@aol.com with your address or any questions. We can also be reached at 215-362-2466. Good luck in your new business venture!
-Maria Rivera
Thyme for Tea

Sep 7th, '05, 19:53

Starting a tea room?

by Lady Dawnya » Sep 7th, '05, 19:53

Learning to start the tea business of your dreams is the most important thing you can do when considering a opening a tea room. Is a tea room right for you? What are the time considerations? What are your other options?

I personally spent an entire year crying every day when I went in to run my tea room. Why? Because it wasn't the right fit for me.

In 2003 I wrote the online class "Start A Tea Business" in order to help people learn whether they should open a tea room, a tea bar, a tea speaking business or one of 17 different tea related careers. PLUS give them the foundation they need in tea to be successful.

It's important to evaluate your options and to go into business prepared. For more information you can go to www.StartATeaBusiness.com

Best of Tea,

Lady Dawnya

Sep 9th, '05, 21:32

by maria » Sep 9th, '05, 21:32

You are absolutley right Lady Dawnya. What we have put together is a nuts and bolts seminar that is going to give you the good, the bad and the ugly about owning a tearoom. It is definetly not sitting around all day drinking tea, and anyone considering this type of business needs to fully understand that. There are other seminars out there and I have been to one and was disappointed because they painted an unrealistic picture of what it is to run a sucessful tearoom. We are 100% not doing that. We are going to focus on the business side: financing, writing a business plan, a marketing plan and getting free publicity and retailing. The things that get you business and keep them coming back. Thank you for sharing your site. The great thing about information is when we all contribute then we all can learn something new.

Sep 16th, '05, 15:05
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by Tealady1011 » Sep 16th, '05, 15:05

What a great site!! Everything I need to know about opening a Tea Room....
Thank you!!

Sep 28th, '05, 21:39


by Maria Rivera » Sep 28th, '05, 21:39

Thank you everybody who has inquired about our seminar. Our first one was a huge success. Thank you to our attendants who were an amazing group of woman eager to learn the tools we had to teach about the tea business. Now we are focusing on our up and coming cookbook and next seminar in March. So for those of you how couldn't make the last one, no worries , the next one is March 19-21, 2006. See you there!

Jan 13th, '06, 21:04

by Maria Rivera » Jan 13th, '06, 21:04

To find out more about our up coming seminar in March and our Tea Food School in June please check out our website at www.thymefortea.us If you should have any questions please feel free to email me at mariastea@aol.com. Thank you to everyone who has inquired about our seminars. I look forward to seeing some of you at the Expo.

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by JPSaleeby » Feb 11th, '06, 17:04


Feb 12th, '06, 14:55

by dana » Feb 12th, '06, 14:55

I visited your blog and quite frankly what in world does that have to do with tea or seminars? Maybe you can clarify for me. Are you offering a seminar? and if so, why not post your own topic? I'm sorry but this all didn't make much sense to me. Maybe you can fill us all in.

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Contact: klemptor

by klemptor » Feb 12th, '06, 20:41


That's just his "signature" line - it'll show up on all of his posts.

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