Tea Book Idea- Need Help!

Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Feb 17th, '07, 14:09
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Tea Book Idea- Need Help!

by ginseng » Feb 17th, '07, 14:09

Hello everyone,

I am trying to write a book on New York hotspots for tea. It will review and describe each tea shop. I know there is a book out there already kind of like this but I am trying to market this towards a younger crowd. I want to focus on the shops that people might not yet know about.

I wanted to know what would be the top three things you would want to know about a tea shop you were considering going to?

Would you like a picture showing the teashop?

Anything else you can tell me would be helpful.

Thanks! Crazy4tea :lol:

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Feb 17th, '07, 16:25
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by guitarfreak2641 » Feb 17th, '07, 16:25

I think that is a realy good idea. The top three things I would want to know would be what kinds of tea do they have, location, and price. I think it would be nice to have a picture of the shop.

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Feb 17th, '07, 20:40
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by Space Samurai » Feb 17th, '07, 20:40

Pictures are always good.

Another to think about is what kind of tea shop is it. Is it asian themed, and even that could be broken down to more specific catagories, or is it more British Afternoon Tea, or something more modern.

Price range is good, and definitely what kind of tea. Is this a place you go to for your choice of single garden darjeelings, fine imported green teas, house blended fruity nonsense, or do you just pick from their selection of RoT tins.

Feb 18th, '07, 18:19
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by ginseng » Feb 18th, '07, 18:19

Thanks for your replies!

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