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suggestions for starting a tea room

by katie » Jul 22nd, '05, 18:34

Hi, we own a bookstore and we are going to be moving a new location so that we can add a coffee bar and tea room. I don't know where to start. I don't even know what type teas I should carry. I am going to carry Adagio teas and then for groups of people I am planning on NUMI Artisan Teas. That's as far as I've gotten. ANY suggestions, help, reccomendations, etc... will help greatly. I am planning on having JetTea for Smoothies so that it won't stray from my idea. Thanks For any help.

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Jul 23rd, '05, 02:17
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by teaspoon » Jul 23rd, '05, 02:17

Dunno how much this'll help, but the one recommendation I definitely can make is variety. The more options you can afford to give people, the better. The shop where I work has 54 different teas, and there are still others that people ask for that I have to say "No, sorry, we don't have any of that." That said, if you can't spring for variety, I would think it'd be good stick with classics but add a few really different kinds of things. You know, have what people will recognize and like, but give them some opportunities for adventure that will set you apart.

Oh, and chai. Always have a spiced chai. People will ask for it. Make sure you have plenty of milk and honey, too.

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by maria » Jul 23rd, '05, 20:57

Thyme for Tea in Lansdale Pa is having a How to Open and Operate a Sucessful Tearoom in september and I would be happy to send you out our information packet. You can email me at Mariastea@aol.com with your address.
Good luck in your new venture!-Maria Rivera

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