Oct 11th, '07, 22:24
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design student designing a tea house

by eliana » Oct 11th, '07, 22:24

i am an interior design student and was just assigned a project to design a tea house geared for a young crowd (20 to 35).
i am in the process and am trying to research everything i can abou tea, its history, tea houses, the difference b/w tea and coffee and coffee houses and tea houses etc.
i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, info, comments or truly any reply that could possibly aid me in this assignment and truly guide me to create a strong, innovative and creative design.

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Oct 12th, '07, 11:20
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by xine » Oct 12th, '07, 11:20

Hey Eliana. I would suggest checking out our tea room directory- teamap.com (link on top of the page) and looking through the tearooms, many of which have pictures. You'll find a lot of chintz and lace, but there are several more modern styles of tea rooms.

Also, the latest Bon Appetit magazine has a list of 'Hip Tearooms'. On the list: Tavalon (our own ex-Adagio's place in NYC), T-Bar in Philly, Samovar lounge in San Francisco, Beehive in Salt Lake City, and I *believe* two more, but I could be mistaken- I don't have the magazine here with me. I would look these all up online to see if they have any good images to get a feel on 'hip' tea rooms.

I have come to notice people go to tea rooms for more of an experience, than stopping in to grab a cup of tea- such as one would do with coffee. The tea rooms I've gone to require more of time commitment, more so than an in-out experience, but you might want to change this with your tea room, since it is for a younger crowd. But then it might not be considered a tea room (in many tea lovers eyes), but more so a cafe.

Lots of younger people are getting more into tea, so it's definitely a demographic that can be addressed. I would suggest offering multimedia in your place/plan- such as wireless internet, music, books, magazines, etc. Also look to offer a large range of teas- if your plan goes into much detail. Many younger people are becoming tea purists, but jazzed-up/novelty tea drinks (liquor spiked too) are becoming popular as well.

hope this info helps!

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Oct 12th, '07, 12:13
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by DethChef » Oct 12th, '07, 12:13

Take a look at Elixir in Hollywood. They have a website that should give you some more detail. They are a trendy tea/concoction shop that caters to the frisky. They are also on the cutting edge of blending booze, tea and herbs.

In your design process, make sure to keep some space in the tea room for a makeshift stage. The kidz love their music and it's only a matter of time before the guitars make it into the tea houses.

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Oct 12th, '07, 13:29
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by ABx » Oct 12th, '07, 13:29

You might check out some of the Tao of Tea tea houses, I know they've won a few awards for best interior design -
http://www.taooftea.com/teahouse.php3?i ... iginal+Tao

Sep 24th, '14, 02:49
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Re: design student designing a tea house

by raindropz » Sep 24th, '14, 02:49

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