Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Mar 14th, '08, 08:39
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by JasonL » Mar 14th, '08, 08:39

Hello all...I am new and looking at opening a Tea Room in my city the is predominantly swamped by coffee swillers. I've been a long time tea drinker that recently got back to drinking it quite regularly after being a strictly coffee swiller for years now.

I am looking at a space on our Main St. right now near a couple of major office building's and city hall, but it is quite large...what is the typical 'size' (sq ft) of your average tea room?


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Mar 14th, '08, 09:19
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by CynTEAa » Mar 14th, '08, 09:19

Hi JasonL,

The smallest we've seen is about 800 sq ft, but usually a bit larger. :) They do vary greatly.

It depends on how much space you need for food prep, table seating and if you have room, maybe a retail section. With the right design you may be able to also offer to-go options with out disrupting your tea room guests.

What style tea room are you planning?


Mar 14th, '08, 09:44
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by JasonL » Mar 14th, '08, 09:44

Hi CynTEAa

Something relaxing but modern, no doilies, no lace, no parasol's :) I'm thinking it's something that a student could come read a book, the morning break crowd could blow through with a list for the office, no hustle bustle but I would want 'to-go options'.

Oh I forgot...the space I'm looking at is also across the street from a brand new hotel that is just being completed. The space is currently 8000 square ft but I'm inquiring if they are willing to divide it, I don't think I'd want more than 1500-2K


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