Focus Groups on Tea

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Oct 18th, '05, 14:59

Focus Groups on Tea

by Drew » Oct 18th, '05, 14:59

Hi I'm a student thinking about opening a tea bar in Houston selling loose leaf, regular tea and RTD tea. I am wanting to qualify that there is a market. I am considering holding a few focus groups.

How can I ask someone if they would drink tea and why they do? I am wanting honest answers not just answers to make me happy.

How can I realistically see if someone would drink tea from my cafe versus coffee from Starbucks?

How can I quantify that Houstonians already drink tea or are willing to change their coffee habits to drink a healthier one?

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Oct 18th, '05, 15:26
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Re: Focus Groups on Tea

by klemptor » Oct 18th, '05, 15:26

Drew wrote:How can I realistically see if someone would drink tea from my cafe versus coffee from Starbucks?

Don't. Offer. Tazo. Starbucks will never attract serious tea drinkers by offering trendy bagged tea. Offer loose teas in a variety of brands. Offer teabags, as well, for those that may prefer them. (Adagio sells loose tea that's wrapped in a teabag of sorts - seems like the best solution; you don't sacrifice quality for convenience.)

Good luck!

Jan 1st, '06, 12:56

Focus groups

by Newbie » Jan 1st, '06, 12:56

Hi -- I am new to the tea world, but have much experience collecting customer feedback and watching potential customers use products. My main advice would be to watch what people DO, and don't listen to most of what they say. Serve them a cup of Tazo and then a cup of what you plan to offer, without any indication of what is what, and watch their response. Do they finish your cup of tea, make a pleasant face or ask for more? Also, serve it in an environment similar to the shop you plan to open (as opposed to a lab or another Starbucks) and see if people are comfortable. I also recommend going to a Starbucks and seeing what people are doing there, watch what they ask for and see if Starbucks delivers. If they don't, it's opportunity for you.

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