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Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Jan 23rd, '06, 03:45

tea seminars

by BC » Jan 23rd, '06, 03:45

Hi Emma!

I too have been looking forward to learning more for the day I will open my tea room. Here is a few of the things I found while just using ggogle to find more. Type in "tea seminars" There is lots listed there.
I am in NE and have not found much here. It seems that there are a few opportunites in California though.
Check out Lady Dawnya's site at www.teaevents.com or Lady Grace at www.teagraces.com.
Lady Dawnya offers on-line seminars on various subject regarding tea for a reasonable price and Lady Grace is in Cali!
Hope this info is not too late.

Mar 6th, '06, 15:17
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World Congress

by tcha » Mar 6th, '06, 15:17

Hey Guys!

Can't wait to meet all of you. I will be there as well, however you won't need to know what I wear. You will notice it is me when I walk in.

Jenny :wink:

Jul 1st, '06, 00:10
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Seeking reviews/analyses of the tea business classes/seminar

by Passion for Tea » Jul 1st, '06, 00:10

A friend and I are pondering which class/seminar to take. There are so many to choose from. More and more seem to be online classes/training that cost a lot. Even CDs are expensive. Has anyone done a review/analysis of the various courses available? Any critique would be very much appreciated.

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