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Aug 25th, '10, 20:11
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Re: Boiling water at work

by laura99 » Aug 25th, '10, 20:11

Chip wrote:Heh, the rolling rumble of the kettle has always made me self conscious. It is amazing how loud it is in an office setting.
I keep a kettle at work as well, and do get a bit paranoid about the noise it makes! Sounds like a freight train when it is quite in the office :)

But our tea is worth it! I use Adagio's UtiliTEA. Not only can control the temperature better, but less trips to the break room for water!

Aug 25th, '10, 21:21
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Re: Boiling water at work

by TeaDragon » Aug 25th, '10, 21:21

For five years I've been using the hot water spigot on the coffee maker in the break room.

Then I was treated to a GongFu ceremony and I believe the actual quote was, "Oh my gods, I've been doing it wrong all these years."

I now own a UtiliTea tea kettle (and was pleased to see that the GongFu master also has one) and I drag it to work every Monday, and take it home Thursday nights so I have it on my WFH day and the weekends. The construction of that specific kettle is such that it would be very difficult for a fire to happen. I take the kettle itself off the base every night when I go home anyways.

Anyways, I've been blissfully tea'd out since then. I ran an experiment with 1999 pu'erh mini-nests and the hot water spigot and BLECH. No way. Your own kettle is the way to go! And it's quite the conversation starter, too.

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Oct 2nd, '10, 21:41
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Re: Boiling water at work

by Krabbenhueter » Oct 2nd, '10, 21:41


at work the kettle most dirty.
We have a Microwave oven.
The Water is clean from home.
A smal pot, 60 s into the oven o.k.

Is this a way?


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