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Feb 9th, '13, 03:05
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by blairswhitaker » Feb 9th, '13, 03:05

so, this is basically how I start every day... eat some "roast cattle flesh" then I chug a large samurai helmet full of matcha. makes me feel alive you know?

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 11.56.40 PM by blairswhitaker, on Flickr

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Feb 6th, '14, 07:15
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by Drax » Feb 6th, '14, 07:15

I finally broke down and purchased the book series from Amazon Japan. They're currently on book 17 (and going)!

I also decided to change my avatar (after...5 or 6 years??) to Furuta. I believe this current picture is his expression after one of the warlords blows himself up while strapped to the "Hiragumo teakettle," an item that Furuta had earlier been dreaming (and making crazy faces) about seeing.

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Feb 9th, '14, 22:47
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Re: Anime that revolves around teaware

by MEversbergII » Feb 9th, '14, 22:47

Alright, well, looks like I'll have to check this one out.


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