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Mar 6th, '13, 14:22
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Re: A kettle different from any you've seen before!

by Panda » Mar 6th, '13, 14:22

Stentor wrote:It seems to be trying too hard to be a design object rather than being good at what it's supposed to be used for. The pour is going to be terrible on that thing. I don't think this is a good product design at all (I'm not saying that it looks bad).
Unfortunately, there is no perfect modern kettle on the market. I wonder why. It can't be that hard to make one that would be well received and profitable.
There's actually a hidden spout that flips out for easy pouring, so it shouldn't drip or anything.

And in terms of "being good at what it's supposed to be used for," it has the advantage of heating water faster and more efficiently than other kettles. Whether this kettle is worth $200 is a separate issue, but it sounds like a pretty solid product that does offer some improvement over kettles currently on the market.

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