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Re: tea boat/bowl/plate

by theredbaron » Mar 10th, '13, 15:11

TomVerlain wrote:re: qing plate - it was a bit flea bitten, but I found the owner's name etched into the surface interesting. I was told when people brought plates or wares like this to large communal meals, having your name on the piece was helpful in sorting them out at the end.

I like the history of pieces like this, and like a bit of ancient history on my tea table.

I didn't look at the large images. In the small images i saw a kiln chip. I think that at times a small chip or so in those plates can add to the charm of the piece. It's not a piece for the showcase - it's something that has been used, and is to use more.
I think as well that old stuff on the tea table adds enormously to the atmosphere.

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Mar 10th, '13, 22:59
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Re: tea boat/bowl/plate

by yalokinh » Mar 10th, '13, 22:59

futurebird wrote:
yalokinh wrote:Saw this was wondering where i could find something like this.
I know ebay has some tea boats, but not like these ... ata_player

Skip to about 5:30
By the way thanks you you and this video and post I'm now obsessed with getting this style of teaboat. My budget cannot handle any new information about beautiful teawares that are out there! Thanks a lot! :x

Lol you and me both

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Re: tea boat/bowl/plate

by yalokinh » Mar 12th, '13, 21:18

This one looks to be pretty good,
only 23 hours left! ... 1423.l2649

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