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Jan 4th 14 4:15 am
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Rules for Buying Teapots

by the_economist » Jan 4th 14 4:15 am

An article* on shopping for clothes was posted by my friend recently and I thought some of it may be useful for teapot addicts. Here is a modified summary:

"The new rules of shopping should be something like this:
1. If there's only one thing you remember it should be: 'buy less, buy better'.
2. Don't buy now: research has shown that we get a lot of pleasure from thinking about something. Think like you've bought it. Often, by the time you've come to actually buy it, you're bored of it.
3. Never buy anything you like. Only buy things you love. Never buy anything that almost looks amazing. Only buy something that absolutely looks amazing. If you have an issue with even one little thing, don't buy it.
4. The first place to shop should always be your teapot cupboard.
5. Think of your teapot cupboard as an exclusive nightclub, where you are the doorman. Have a one in, one out rule. Decide on a maximum number, and stick to it. If you love something enough to want to let it in, decide who's not pretty enough to stay.
6. You're also the maitr'd: it's your responsibility to make sure the right people are sitting near the right people. That helps turn any clutter into a collection. "

* ... ation.html

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Jan 4th 14 11:10 am
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Re: Rules for Buying Teapots

by Teaism » Jan 4th 14 11:10 am

Very good guide. Will certainly remember it.
But if you chance upon a 80s or earlier teapot, you better grab it fast before it is gone...really got no time to think so much. These teapot are fast disappearing at super fast rate for the last few months.

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Jan 4th 14 4:02 pm
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Re: Rules for Buying Teapots

by miig » Jan 4th 14 4:02 pm

Thats some good rules.. should work well to test oneself to see if one really wants it. Especially rule two: I witness that all the time :lol: