Jul 22nd, '14, 06:19
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Starting with Artisan Teaware

by Noonie » Jul 22nd, '14, 06:19

I'm sure many of you at some point found yourself in a similar position: you had been drinking quality tea for a while, you went from tea balls and your everyday teapots to the more serious though relatively inexpensive teaware found on sites like YS, DTH, and others. As your passion for tea blossomed, and you come to sites like this and see such nice and unique teaware you decide you want to acquire some artisan teaware that is maybe more money than you thought possible when you first started.

This is where I am today. I have teaware from vendors such as O-Cha, DTS, and Camellia Sinensis. My yixing is around $50 but seems well made (using it for two years). I have two kyusus from O-Cha that are $30 each. I have a Houhin that was $15. And a few cups, mainly porcelain. I continue to experiment with tea (new types, higher qualities) and technique...but the pull to new, artisan teaware is there.

I'm about 60% Japanese greens, rest split on some different oblongs (wuyi, dancong, TGY).

I like all my teaware, and the resulting tea it produces...but where to begin the next part of the (teaware) journey?

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Jul 22nd, '14, 07:00
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Re: Starting with Artisan Teaware

by blairswhitaker » Jul 22nd, '14, 07:00

short of coming to Japan (and even then you have to know where and when to look) you will not find such an excellently culled selection as provided here.


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Jul 22nd, '14, 09:38
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Re: Starting with Artisan Teaware

by JRS22 » Jul 22nd, '14, 09:38

Noonie, start by reading this important thread about Teaware Addiction Disease!!!


If that doesn't scare you away and you still want to invest in artisan teaware, Artistic Nippon is an excellent place to begin. The owner, Toro, is a pleasure to do business with, and he's got pots for a range of prices.

Then of course there are the Teaware artisans here on TeaChat. I think a big potential problem buying on Etsy is that Teaware can look wonderful but not function well. The potters who've become favorites here have proven they can combine beauty and function.

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Jul 22nd, '14, 13:06
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Re: Starting with Artisan Teaware

by Devoted135 » Jul 22nd, '14, 13:06

I'm thankful that I (largely) skipped the stage of buying teaware from sites like o-cha and DTH. I do have one teacup, two kyusu, a 120ml porcelain teapot, and a gaiwan that were mass-produced, half of which live at my parents' house so I can make tea when visiting them.

I find so much pleasure in brewing tea in my artisan-made teawares, all of which I found through postings here on teachat. I do intend to procure some more traditional kyusu through Artistic Nippon at some point down the road, but for now my three Bero kyusu brew wonderful japanese greens for me. :)

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Re: Starting with Artisan Teaware

by Chip » Jul 22nd, '14, 13:12

Fortunately I am completely immune to this ... disease. :wink:

Once you bridge the gap to artisan teaware, I am afraid there is no looking back. :mrgreen:

I would second Blair's recommendation for artisticnippon, in fact I have a few Yamada Sou kyusu due to arrive any day ... but you see, I am completely immune.

... it is always interesting and fun to see where this rabbit hole will lead for others!!!

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Jul 22nd, '14, 13:17
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Re: Starting with Artisan Teaware

by miig » Jul 22nd, '14, 13:17

Yes, its a difficult transition indeed - just do never, ever visit the Hagiware topic here! Its really way too dangerous 8) 8)

Jul 22nd, '14, 13:27
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Starting with Artisan Teaware

by Pig Hog » Jul 22nd, '14, 13:27

A new chawan and houhin are next on my list...

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