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Jul 6th, '07, 15:20
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capresso teakettle?

by aqueoustransmegan » Jul 6th, '07, 15:20

My latest krups electric kettle busted...which is how I found adagio teas to begin with and man I am hooked but that i another story. Anyways I wanted to get a standard stove top kettle to replace my Krups but my mister said to go is more energy efficiant. Okay, he's right but they are pricey and break often. This is about my third electric in 12 years. He's paying so...his loss when it breaks in 4 years :P

Well I settled on a Capresso. The company was founded by some Krups expatriots :) [and needless to say I'm not thrilled with Krups] but the big selling point is that it is a glass caraffe, not metal or [bleck] plastic. Not only can I see the water boiling, or near boiling which I prefer, but I can see when the pot needs cleaning. My Krups waaaaay overboiled, always :P and had terrible buildup which I never knew about because I always just kept filling it through the spout. When I would get around to thinking maybe I should check it=ew!

Does anyone have any experience with the Capresso? Likes? Dislikes?

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Jul 6th, '07, 15:30
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by Chip » Jul 6th, '07, 15:30

...I thought it was the coolest thing since I discovered Long Jing. The glass and the bubbling

Now the downsides...I had to use a higher minimum of water than any other electric kettle. Mine also simply stopped working after only 6 months and a few days. Fortunately, the store where I bought did not tow the line on their 6 month return policy and took it back. But I will not buy it again. I just never liked it as I thought I would. Besides it is also pretty expensive.

By the way, my cheap plastic Krups lasted 6+ years and many thousands of uses. It never did break down, I was just so grossed out everytime I looked into it. I finally said, it is time for a stainless steel electric kettle.

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Jul 6th, '07, 16:06
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by aqueoustransmegan » Jul 6th, '07, 16:06

on amazon....people either loved it and it works fine or it broke soon. I'm hoping they had some initial issues with it that have been ironed out. I know someone who owns one and has had no problems with it whatsoever for several months now so I hope that is the norm....fingers crossed!

I usually do make a whole kettle of water in the morning for tea, oatmeal, dog food, etc and just reboil throughtout the day and add a lil here and there so I don't mind a larger minimum.

My Krups was got SO nasty...actually I think the metal ones scale up more than the plastics! I got it at Williams Sonoma and they only have one electric now....and it's 80 bucks! I never paid that much for this one...I think it was about HALF that. The Capresso I'm getting for 50. Not too bad.

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