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Oct 9th, '07, 19:14
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Alright.. I can's seem to find an answer to this...

by Ian » Oct 9th, '07, 19:14

So this is my 2nd post on this forum, and second stupid question. Here goes:
I've ordered two Tokoname teapots from Rishi; the Fukugata and the Kikumaru. The question is about what tea should these pots be limited to brewing. I plan on using the Kikumaru for whites and the Fukugata for greens, but...should I limit the Fukugata to only Dragonwell, for instance? Or can it be used for other Chinese greens as well, but not Japanese greens.....or are all greens fair game.
And, the same question goes for my Kikumaru, ie; only silver needle, or are all whites acceptable.

I'm new to this forum...and good tea in general for that matter, so please excuse me if this has been answered before. I've looked and found some general answers in this direction... but nothing that really answers this specific question in enough detail to satisfy me.

Thanks for your time,

P.S.: um, at the risk of being truly is everyone here dedicating their Yixing pots? just Oolongs in one, etc. etc. etc.

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Oct 9th, '07, 19:38
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Re: Alright.. I can's seem to find an answer to this...

by Space Samurai » Oct 9th, '07, 19:38

Ian wrote:I plan on using the Kikumaru for whites and the Fukugata for greens.

That's exactly what I did, and yes you can use a broader range of teas for each pot. I used the fukugata for all green tea, and the kikumaru for all whites. Tokoname is pourous, but not as much as yixing is.

If I may make a sugestion, you may be happier going the other way around with the kikumaru and fukugata. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had. The kikumaru is a litle better suited for greens, because 1) the sasame uses smaller holes, this will make it a better filter for sencha, and 2), and this is just my opinion, the green tea will be more striking with the cream pot.

Just something to think about, but of course do whichever you prefer.

Dedicating oolong is a little more complicated, because they are so different from one to the other. At the very least, I'd think you'd want to dedicate one to wuyi oolong, and another to TGY, and another to high mountain stuff, and so on, though some say you can break it down even more, ie: one for da hong pao, and another for dan cong and so forth.

If you're just getting started with oolong, my sugestion is to start with a non-porous gaiwan. This will alow you to experiment freely. Its what was reccomended to me, and I'm glad I got the gaiwan first.

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Oct 9th, '07, 20:00
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by Ian » Oct 9th, '07, 20:00

That's EXACTLY the kind of definitive answer I was looking for! Thanks again, Space. I think I am going to take your advice on dedicating the Fukugata to white teas and the other to greens...I don't know why, but that hadn't even occurred to me :oops: I just figured whitish pot, whitish tea. Haha.

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