Oct 18th, '07, 12:28
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trinitea - is it worth the money?

by mouse » Oct 18th, '07, 12:28

My second Sunbeam Hot Tea Maker has died and am looking at replacing it. Any recommendations? I really like not having to worry about bitter tea from over brewing due to forgetting I had started a tea pot.

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Oct 18th, '07, 17:04
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by Mary R » Oct 18th, '07, 17:04

You might want to check out Jamie of Tea on Tap's comparative review of the TriniTea and the Zarafina Tea maker. Jamie also has individual reviews on both the TriniTea and the Zarafina.

Alex (aka spacesamurai on TeaChat) of Another Tea Blog also has a nice review of the Zarafina. I've tried this machine as well and agree with him that it doesn't make a good green worth a lick. Were I to purchase one or the other, I'd probably go with the TriniTea.

Oct 18th, '07, 22:34
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by MonaLS » Oct 18th, '07, 22:34

I think you would be pleasantly surprised with either the TriniTea or the Zarafina. They both make tea much better than the Tea Drop ever could. I own a Zarafina, and it works wonderfully for me.

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