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Oct 26th, '07, 20:17
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Buddha cups, pots, gaiwans?

by go green » Oct 26th, '07, 20:17

Has anyone ever seen any of the above with a Buddha/Buddhas on it? I have searched many places with no luck. Thanks!!

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Oct 26th, '07, 22:08
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by Space Samurai » Oct 26th, '07, 22:08

hmmm, I've seen lots of Buddah shaped yixing.

No offense, cos I think people should like what they like, but they always seemed kind of tacky to me, like trying to drink coffee from a mug shaped like Jesus.

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Oct 27th, '07, 11:16
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by Mary R » Oct 27th, '07, 11:16

Heh, I do agree with Space on that. Unfortunately, I work with more than a few people who have "JESUS" emblazoned on their coffee cups...and are proud of it! Oddly enough, a couple of them are the meanest people I know...but I guess that's how it goes, eh?

Anyway, I felt like googling:

The Fat Buddha Pot from the Freer Sackler Museum Shop. (Looks a little obscene to me...but whatever.

The Laughing Buddha Pot from Teavana. (I actually like it...)

Fun Alliance has a very interesting yixing set called Buddha and Bats. I can't say I'd ever have thought to put a Batman-esque bat alongside a buddha, but whatever floats the boat... They also have one called Happy Buddha.

Buddha's also a motif on a lot of copper Tibetan pots from Tibetana.

Unfortunately, I didn't readily find results outside of yixing pots. I hope this helps, though!

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