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Aug 27th, '08, 00:02
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by Salsero » Aug 27th, '08, 00:02

scruffmcgruff wrote:
Salsero wrote:
El Padre wrote: how much stuff can collect under the screen
Now you're scaring me. Maybe Scruff is right about the sasame kyusu.
What did I say?
Sorry, I meant Space :oops:

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Aug 27th, '08, 00:10
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by Sydney » Aug 27th, '08, 00:10

Stuff aside, I have been drinking from both of these pots regularly for months on end now, and have been in very good health. 8)

I just think the kokoro is more maintenance friendly because it's possible to remove the screen. If the screen needs replacement while the pot is still in good shape, all I'll have to do is track down a small piece of food-grade screen to replace it.

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