What do you think of this

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Aug 15th, '09, 01:55
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What do you think of this

by dshauser » Aug 15th, '09, 01:55

I am new to drinking tea. I mainly drink green tea. But for fun I created a tea as follows, 50% earl grey bravo, 30% almond oolong, 20% vanilla. I had no idea what I was doing, but it sounded like it would be good. you can find it under the name "alex grey soothing", Alex Grey is an artist and I used one of his pictures for the label. I have an order coming of it coming, and I will post how it tastes to me. Let me know what you think it will be like, thanks

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Aug 30th, '09, 22:44
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Re: What do you think of this

by skywarrior » Aug 30th, '09, 22:44

I would think the Earl Grey would overpower the oolong. I may be wrong on this though...

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