Softly Falling A Sleep

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May 12th 10 2:37 pm
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Softly Falling A Sleep

by boywoodhe » May 12th 10 2:37 pm

Softly Falling A Sleep is a blend that is a perfect bedtime tea to give you a well rested sleep. This blend is also great for an upset stomach when your not feeling well. This blend consist of mostly spearmint, chamomile and lemon grass. This blend taste very different then cha cha or winken blinken and nod. look under woodie barnes under creator in the blends section.

yours in tea

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Jul 1st 10 9:05 pm
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Re: Softly Falling A Sleep

by Mikael » Jul 1st 10 9:05 pm

Sounds really good.. Thanks for letting us know about it :mrgreen: