Bad review--A Chocolate Paradise

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Jun 10th 10 12:58 pm
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Bad review--A Chocolate Paradise

by bmmcgee » Jun 10th 10 12:58 pm

I made a blend called A Chocolate Paradise consisting of coconut, chocolate, and cinnamon teas (all black teas). It was being purchased fairly regularly (29 times) and had one positive review (4 stars), but then someone left it a negative review (one star) and it hasn't been purchased since. The bad review said it is bitter. I personally like the blend, but it is black tea, so over-steeping will lead to bitterness. I will admit that I have over-steeped while not paying attention and it was undrinkable. I did specify in the description that it should be steeped at 180 degrees, not 212 for best flavor after realizing how much more the flavors came out after brewing at a lower temp. The lower temp decreases the chance of bitterness, too. Anyway, my reason for posting is not to cry about my bad review, but to see if I could get some more feedback from those who have purchased it. Has anyone else tried it that hasn't left a review? I would love to hear what others have thought of it!

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Jun 16th 10 5:19 pm
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Re: Bad review--A Chocolate Paradise

by Chip » Jun 16th 10 5:19 pm

Hasn't anyone here tried this SB?

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Jun 16th 10 6:44 pm
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Re: Bad review--A Chocolate Paradise

by beckynoel » Jun 16th 10 6:44 pm

I haven't purchased this exact signature blend, however I have samples of all three of the components and have experimented with mixing them in different ratios. Overall it's pretty tasty, although I've noticed too much cinnamon can over-power the other flavors and ruin the blend.

Since that one person's bad review has stifled this blends purchasability, my recommendation to you is to delete this blend and make another one with the same flavors, (perhaps experimenting with the ratios to find the right one) and rename it. That way there won't be any negative review to mar your signature blending reputation! :wink:

Good luck!