Taste of Afghanistan

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Nov 17th 10 12:16 pm
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Taste of Afghanistan

by TwShiloh » Nov 17th 10 12:16 pm

I just created my first blend inspired by a year spent in Afghanistan between 2003-2004. I've named it Parwan Blend and it's a mix of lapsang souchong (to recreate the smokey taste and smells of open cooking areas), almond (a nod to the ever present candied almonds that were present at most meetings with local elders and officials) and peppermint (to balance the other two and capture the essence of the 'lightness' of the Afghan tea I frequently drank) teas.

I toned the lapsang souchong down so it's smokiness shouldn't be overpowering (I find the flavor of straight lapsang souchong quite good but understand it's not for everyone).

Hope you enjoy it!

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Feb 16th 11 3:23 pm
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Re: Taste of Afghanistan

by ninazephyr » Feb 16th 11 3:23 pm

That sounds delicious!!