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Nov 26th, '10, 20:22
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New Nutcracker Ballet Series: En Pointe Tea for the Holidays

by Christa Y. » Nov 26th, '10, 20:22

Anybody who has The Nutcracker ballet lodged in their Christmasy childhood memory as much as I do may enjoy my series of Nutcracker Ballet Blends. An inspirational take-off on the famous dance numbers and themes from this ballet has been on my mind for years -- so glad that Adagio lets me express my pent-up ideas through tea!

1. Enchanted Nutcracker: Chestnuts and Chocolate and Spice (Oh My?)
2. The Madness of King Mouse: Hazelnut Gingerbread (B.Y.O. King George)
3. Snowflake Siesta: Decaf Mint-Chocolate-Spice (For Holiday Zzz's)
4. Sugar Plum Pixie: Caramel Apple with Chocolate (Apple is The New Plum)
5. Flamenco Mantecado: Spanish Cookie with Almond-Cinnamon-Passionfruit
6. Arabian Night: Turkish Coffee-Inspired Assam with Cinnamon Chai Spices
7. Chinoiserie Confection: China-Inspired Raspberry Almond Float
8. Cherries Samovar: Russia-Inspired Tea with Leapin' Cherries and Chocolate
9. Floral Waltz: Classic Christmas with Peppermint, Chocolate, and Spice

I'd like to link to these blends from here, but the url code is off. They're all accessible from the Signature Blends tab in my user profile, however: ... d=238771CY

P.S. The Nutcracker Series hasn't been officially designated as a "group" series by the Adagio powers-that-be yet, but I do hope that's on the way!

Happy holidaytimes, fellow leaf-addicts!