Smoky Mornings

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Jul 10th, '12, 13:17
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Smoky Mornings

by nrstooge » Jul 10th, '12, 13:17

I've just created a new blend.. blend of black teas, bit of Lapsang Sousong, Assam Melody and Ceyleon Sonata. Good breakfast or afternoon tea. Just a hint of smokiness from the Lapsang. Strong enough for those of you who like sugar/cream with your tea

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Aug 27th, '14, 16:12
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Re: Smoky Mornings

by TeaLoverUK » Aug 27th, '14, 16:12

A really great blend that my grandmother "invented" and I grew up drinking is 1/3 Lapsung, 1/ Keemun and 1/3 Ceylon tea. It is really great for any time of the day.

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