Banner images + Tastemaker badge questions

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Mar 11th 19 5:58 am
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Banner images + Tastemaker badge questions

by SakuraFox512 » Mar 11th 19 5:58 am


New to the forum (hello~), but outside of that, I've been trying to finish up the tin designs for some of my blends before making them public, and I wound up running into a question while working on that -- I was wondering if there's any way to individually choose the image that will wrap around a tin, rather than the banner image being applied to every single tin within a group. I've got a killer image to wrap around the sides of a particular character's blend, but it just doesn't suit being on everyone in the group's tin! :|

Also, while this might be the sort of question that's meant to be discovered rather than answered, I was wondering what difference (if any) there is between having a gold Tastemaker badge versus the platinum one. The gold badge already confers the maximum 3 accent choices...does the platinum badge allow for an expanded range of tea options to be used in custom blends or the like, or is it more of a 'bragging rights' sort of thing for lack of better phrasing?

Thanks to anybody taking the time to read this!