Birthday Tea

Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

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May 15th, '08, 12:27
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by jazz88 » May 15th, '08, 12:27

xine, just tried your Birthday Tea (with a biscotti) – I liked it a lot!

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May 15th, '08, 15:55
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by LavenderPekoe » May 15th, '08, 15:55

I didn't get a sample in my order. :( I was going to order some too, but I had been reading around that they were getting sent out with the orders so I didn't. Oh well, maybe next time.

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May 16th, '08, 18:38
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by auggy » May 16th, '08, 18:38

I had some of this for my morning tea today. Yum! I was a little worried it would be too sweet, but nope. Wonderful! Good blend, xine!

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Jun 28th, '08, 09:13
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by elchai » Jun 28th, '08, 09:13

I love this tea! I have to admit when I saw it in the box, I thought, "well, I can see this is one I won't drink much of..." :oops: Although, it was my first order, so it was a pleasant surprise to find it. But, out of all the tea I ordered, this is in the top three! YUM!

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Jun 28th, '08, 10:39
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by henley » Jun 28th, '08, 10:39

After all this talk & rave reviews, will have to get a sample next time I place an order. Glad to see it listed as one of the regular flavored teas, now. Congrats, Xine! :D

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Jun 28th, '08, 15:17
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by Riene » Jun 28th, '08, 15:17

How do you get samples? Do you mean the little 4oz tin?

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Jun 28th, '08, 15:26
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by kymidwife » Jun 28th, '08, 15:26

Love the birthday tea... mmm...

and for those who love it... LOVE the wedding cake tea too.

both are great blends... well done!


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Jun 28th, '08, 16:48
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by chamekke » Jun 28th, '08, 16:48

Riene wrote:How do you get samples? Do you mean the little 4oz tin?

I think that Adagio included some smaller free samples of Birthday Tea with some of the orders placed earlier this spring, but unfortunately those samples don't seem to be available commercially.

The "samples" are the small, square-ish tins that are typically available with Adagio's non-blended teas (e.g. green, black, oolong, etc.). You can see a six-pack of them here. Adagio typically includes a freebie sample with each order, but you never know what type they will include. (Perhaps someone can advise - is it possible to request a specific sample, or would that be regarded as cheeky, as in, "If you want it, why don't you order it?")

I too was interested in buying a sample-sized order of Birthday Tea, but the Birthday Tea webpage only offers the "standard" size of 4 oz. This seems to be true of all the other blends I checked.

So it seems that Adagio doesn't actually sell the small, sample-sized tins where their blends are concerned. Too bad - I'd try a lot more of their blends if they did! But I did take the plunge on the Birthday Tea, and was glad I did... it's delicious.

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Jul 3rd, '08, 19:34
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by Riene » Jul 3rd, '08, 19:34

:D I got the birthday tea sample with my order today! Thanks, guys! are you all brewing it?

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Jul 3rd, '08, 20:44
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by kymidwife » Jul 3rd, '08, 20:44

I brew it Western style just like any of my black teas... a heaping teaspoon of leaf to 6 oz boiling water, 4 or 5 minute steep, and it's good for at least one more steep.


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Jul 4th, '08, 00:01
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by elchai » Jul 4th, '08, 00:01

I have been using 1 level tsp to 8 oz of water, but I think I will try Sarah's western style for more flavor!

Jul 14th, '08, 20:49
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by soapy » Jul 14th, '08, 20:49

ohhh bummer this tea sounds sooooo yummy! They missed my packages recently! No samples other then the Regular Tea Chef on request or with qualifying order.
So how does one get a sample of this one?
I want one!! :oops: :o

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Jul 14th, '08, 21:17
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by Geekgirl » Jul 14th, '08, 21:17

I don't think they do samples of Birthday tea unless you get a random surprise sample. :( I'd really like to try this too, but I'm not enough of a fan of flavored teas to order 4oz.

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Jul 14th, '08, 21:52
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by geeber1 » Jul 14th, '08, 21:52

I have a sample if anyone wants it, haven't used any of it. :)

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