Question I think I may know the sad answer to

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Jan 28th 09 3:46 pm
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Question I think I may know the sad answer to

by ASUnurse26 » Jan 28th 09 3:46 pm

I've been playing around lately making quite a few signature blends and I noticed that some of the expensive teas are not on the drop down list. (Jasmine oolong and silver needle for example) I was wondering, are all signature blends going to be $10? Is this why the expensive teas can't be used? If that is the case, why can't the more expensive teas be added to the blend list but have a higher price? I would not mind paying more for a blend that had more expensive teas in it. Thank you for any input that is offered; I am a poor tea noob!


Feb 20th 09 7:30 pm
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another factor

by aubergine magpie » Feb 20th 09 7:30 pm

I'm sure cost plays a role, but I'm betting another factor is availability. Some of the more expensive teas are only harvested at a certain time and may not be around all year. If you had one of those in your blend, your blend would also be "limited-time only." I'm betting the choice of blend teas is based on both cost and availability and allowing for added variables like the option of more expensive and/or time-limited teas might make the already complicated process of producing custom blends too complicated to offer. But I'm a noob too, so it's just a guess.

You can always buy samples of the expensive teas and blend them at home.

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Feb 21st 09 6:28 pm
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by ilya » Feb 21st 09 6:28 pm

When we developed the idea of signature blends, we tried to make it as simple as possible for people to develop, as well as purchase, the blends. Part of the simplicity was to make the price of each blend be consistent and thus we needed to limit the types of teas we made available for blending.