Blend Series Question

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Feb 20th 09 7:38 pm
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Blend Series Question

by aubergine magpie » Feb 20th 09 7:38 pm

So I'm new around these parts and just tried my hand at making some blends. I'm wondering: how/can you designate something as part of a series/group? Is it a check box I just didn't see or is it something that the Adagio folks do when a set becomes popular? The list of "Groups" didn't seem to encompass all the series I've seen referenced in this forum, so I'm guessing the latter, but thought I ought to ask. Thanks!

Feb 21st 09 3:48 am
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by silvermage2000 » Feb 21st 09 3:48 am

I think It is something you set up or they just have the most popular ones.
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Feb 21st 09 6:29 pm
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by ilya » Feb 21st 09 6:29 pm

Adagio makes the determination about which blends get added to new groups. It is a new feature for the site and may be something we allow our customers to control at a future date.