Sampler for Blends?

Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

Mar 1st, '09, 14:24
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Sampler for Blends?

by jinp6301 » Mar 1st, '09, 14:24

Hi, I was wondering why there isint a sampler size for at least some of the more popular blends. Or a sampler pack for something like the Zodiac Series. I would really like to try some of the blends but buying a large pack of something that I might not like doesnt seem like a good idea to me.

Mar 1st, '09, 20:53
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by silvermage2000 » Mar 1st, '09, 20:53

Yeah mabe that would be cool. Mabe because of the price and you get more.

Mar 11th, '09, 13:20
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by Ebtoulson » Mar 11th, '09, 13:20

That's a good idea. You should post it on recommendations. Spending 10 bucks on a blend of tea your not sure you'll like it discourages me from buying that many blends. But if I could receive a sample blend (maybe the cost of a sample of the highest priced tea) then I would try a lot more.

Adagio does give away samples of blends, I've received some from Zodiac and St. Patrick's Day.

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Mar 11th, '09, 23:09
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by ilya » Mar 11th, '09, 23:09

As you may have noticed on the signature page, we do now offer a signature blends sampler set that consists of 4 teas from upcoming Adagio TeaV podcasts. The price is $12 for this sampler.

Jun 6th, '09, 12:00
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Sample pack

by sarabeth781 » Jun 6th, '09, 12:00

What happened to the sampler pack that was offered on the website for the upcoming shows? I enjoyed it and miss it. It made the shows interactive

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Jun 9th, '09, 11:44
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by rabbitsib » Jun 9th, '09, 11:44

Where is this sampler you talk of for the teas that are being reviewed?

We tried this sampler set but it did not prove popular and thus we discontinued it. Sad sorry.
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Jun 9th, '09, 19:13
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by sarabeth781 » Jun 9th, '09, 19:13

It used to be on the blends page under the movie

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Jun 12th, '09, 23:02
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by Dronak » Jun 12th, '09, 23:02

I totally agree with the original post. Some of the blends sound interesting and would be interesting to try, but I'm not willing to pay for four ounces and possibly get stuck with a lot of tea that I don't really like. I think I can understand how it's not efficient for the company to provide samplers of custom blends, but I think it would be nice to allow the creator of a blend to buy one sample tin of it. This would help the creator find out if it's what he/she wanted it to taste like, and go back and adjust the blend if not. Is there any chance of this being done? Personally, I'd probably be more inclined to try making my own blends if I could buy a sample of it when I made it, and I suspect I'm not the only one.

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Jun 17th, '09, 19:08
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Zodiac series sampler set

by ilya » Jun 17th, '09, 19:08


We have just created a Zodiac teas sampler set on the site for the introductory price of $29. It includes all 12 zodiac themed sample tins of tea.

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