Adagio TeaV episode 23: Ahhh Taste My Hot Sticky Buns!

Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

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Jun 8th, '09, 15:23
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Adagio TeaV episode 23: Ahhh Taste My Hot Sticky Buns!

by ilya » Jun 8th, '09, 15:23

Zack's journey is nearly complete as his next clue takes him Gary Yavnerchuk's Wine Library in New Jersey. Watch Zack make himself feel right at home on the set of WLTV while he reviews Sarah Almon's comically named tea, Ahhh Taste My Hot Sticky Buns!

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Jun 8th, '09, 16:24
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by kymidwife » Jun 8th, '09, 16:24

Gee thanks for picking one of my blends! :D

I am so excited, I can almost overlook the fact that Zack spit my tea into a spit bucket. I'm still trying to figure out if it was a compliment or an insult. :shock: :lol:


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Jun 8th, '09, 16:27
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by rabbitsib » Jun 8th, '09, 16:27

Now the question is why would he be in Gary's wine store and is he going to show up in the next show. That Gary is as crazy as the teas that are blended at Adagio.
Probably as crazy as my tea ... blend=7075
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Jun 8th, '09, 17:04
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by Victoria » Jun 8th, '09, 17:04

Congrats Sarah! ... I think???
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Jun 8th, '09, 22:34
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by silvermage2000 » Jun 8th, '09, 22:34

I do kind of like this kind of snacks especially if you would more consider this like a cinnamon roll to considering I really like those. This may be good as long as the cinnamon is not really spicy considering I do not like very spicy things more toward a wimp with spicy stuff.

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