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Jun 9th, '09, 00:28
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SCI-FI Moon series ( ORANGE MOON )hot or ice tea blends

by boywoodhe » Jun 9th, '09, 00:28

Hello, All
I have made a series of sci-fi tea blends that are great served hot but make an incredible refreshing ICE TEA.
1. orange moon: blood orange herbal,snowbud white and tangerine black tea.
I have other sci-fi blends , just look for my name
I have tried all of these teas and they are very good.
Like i said before, they make a great cup of hot tea or a nice refreshing ice tea.
to find these tea blends go under the blend category and go under creator and find my name woodie barnes.
yours in tea
woodie barnes
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Jun 15th, '09, 12:10
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by silvermage2000 » Jun 15th, '09, 12:10

This one and some of the other ones do ssound pretty good.

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