Nov 6th, '17, 17:20
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Teamat/Timer Idea

by Jolaroth » Nov 6th, '17, 17:20

Hello TeaChat!

Over the past year I have become more and more involved in the world of tea after using it to stop drinking coffee. I am excited to share and learn everything I can about it.

I have an idea for a tea related product that I wanted to get some opinions on. The product is a tea mat, made of some form of cloth material, and possibly a thin layer of absorbent material inside. Built into the corner of this mat, or perhaps protruding off the edge of the mat, would be a steep timer. I was thinking the timer could have programmable steep times for different teas/brew strength preferences, and feature a relaxing sound to denote the steep is complete, perhaps a gentle gong sound, rather then the loud piercing beeps most timers feature. Currently, I use the timer on my smartphone, but find it a pain to pull my phone out every time I brew some tea, when I could just press a single button, with a pre-programmed time and not have to worry about over-steeping or forgetting to set a timer in the first place (it happens to me more then you would think).

Anyway, I know from a little perusing, and common sense, that many tea drinkers don't use timers, however many do as well. I am curious as to what you, the members of the tea community think of this idea. I am open to opinions on this idea from anyone, regardless of whether or not you use a timer, but I do ask that if providing feedback you indicate whether or not you currently use a timer to steep your teas (and feel free to go into detail I'm curious what other means people use to time there tea steeping, as I haven't been able to find any timing products specifically marketed towards tea steeping). Thank you for any and all inputs on this post!

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Nov 8th, '17, 22:51
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Re: Teamat/Timer Idea

by john.b » Nov 8th, '17, 22:51

It makes no sense to me, but that's just one person's opinion. I try to include as little stuff as possible in the experience of making tea, even skipping a straining step during Gongfu brewing, which would be functional, because it's not necessary. As you said everyone is already carrying a timer in their pocket now. For a lot of people they would already be messing around with that device while they were drinking the tea anyway.

You know what might be really nice; a special shirt that you wear to drink tea in.

Nov 8th, '17, 23:13
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Re: Teamat/Timer Idea

by ethan » Nov 8th, '17, 23:13

john.b wrote:
You know what might be really nice; a special shirt that you wear to drink tea in.
You produce a thousand for the next international tea..... I'll rent a booth to sell them. lol

Nov 9th, '17, 09:21
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Re: Teamat/Timer Idea

by DongbeiRenr » Nov 9th, '17, 09:21

Personally, I would not buy this. I do not use tea mats (I use a tea table or a ganpao platform) and I just look at the seconds hand on a clock if I'm steeping a tea that requires more precision or just do it by feel for one that's more free. I use my phone timer when steeping Western.

I hate to break it to you, but I do not think you'd have a large market for this. It's filling a need that just isn't there. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that's my opinion.

Nov 9th, '17, 20:45
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Re: Teamat/Timer Idea

by Bok » Nov 9th, '17, 20:45

More electronic rubbish that is obsolete after a few months if not weeks? Also on a spot where it is likely to get wet and die even quicker?

I agree with everyone above, nope.

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