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Jan 10th, '17, 20:16
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Suggestions... Tea Grinders?

by NateHevens » Jan 10th, '17, 20:16

I've been checking out Sharp's Tea-Ceré lately, and it has me wondering... are there any electric products out there made specifically for just grinding tea into powder? Yes, I already know about (and have) spice grinders, coffee grinders, etc, but I'm wondering if there's anything that's designed to grind tea specifically, which different sizes of grind you can choose from...

The Tea-Ceré is a whole machine that both grinds tea and then makes it into a drink for you. I'm just looking for the grinding half.


(And traditionalists... I'm fully aware of the traditional methods of grinding tencha into matcha... I just don't have that kind of time, and I want to try tea powders made with other teas... like white teas, or yellow teas, or oolong teas, or red teas, or pu-erhs, or Chinese greens, or other Japanese greens that aren't tencha... or even herbs like chamomile... or mate)