Sep 7th, '09, 14:51
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Calling all older tea fanatics

by marlena » Sep 7th, '09, 14:51

I am in the 60 -something range and would like to start a chat with some of you older tea fanatics. Are you there? We could try to be the well-aged puerhs of the tea circuit, although I started my tea drinking too late and too timidly to be more than an aged oolong. I'll never get them all tasted! But I take after my Gramma Duffee and she bought a new convertible when she was 87, having just gotten her ears pierced at 80 - and leading my cousin down that same road to perdition [Upstate NY farmer's wives didn't do such things!]. I am probably still on the conservative end of tea tasting, but I do love the stuff and I would love to hear from you. Marlena

Sep 13th, '09, 16:55
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Re: Calling all older tea fanatics

by Donna417 » Sep 13th, '09, 16:55

Well, I'm old enough to qualify. I've been drinking tea all my life, but only in the recent years have really done much loose leaf tea and exploring. I still give black teas the edge -- old dogs, new tricks and all that -- but I do drink some greens, whites and oolongs, and as I find some I like, I will probably use them a lot more. But in terms of real experience, compared with most folks here, I'm probably still a just Lipton's tea bag, although one having fun trying lots of new teas. I have however learned a few things, like in my tea universe "woody" is fine, "vegetal" is the kiss of death. And so we progress, sample by sample, cup by cup....

Sep 20th, '09, 11:04
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Re: Calling all older tea fanatics

by marlena » Sep 20th, '09, 11:04

Hi - so glad to hear from you and I apologize for taking so long to reapond. Had the summer flu and a garage sale, necessitating cleaning out the garage.
I'm with you. I have off and on drunk tea all my life, but it's only been the past 10 years or so that I've been more serious and then, it was really only black teas. But now I have 3 green teas I like, 2 Oolongs, I'm getting ready to try whites again - my sole expeience was "So how is this different from water?"
Sometimes I think my palate has just lost too much to be able to make really fine distinctions.
Where do you purchase your teas? My top three are Upton's, Harneys and Simpson and Vail, with a side of Mark T. Wendell, Culinary Teas and Adagio.
What are your favorite teas? Mine are second flush Darjeeling, Yunnan Gold, Gunpowder green, Twinings Prince of Wales, Rose kissed Lavender and Lavender Earl Grey from S&V, Green pear from Liberteas, Lady Londonderry, Hu Kwa.
Ta for now, M

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