Tomorrow... I Buy Tea!

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Feb 15th, '06, 22:12
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Tomorrow... I Buy Tea!

by rabbit » Feb 15th, '06, 22:12

Yes, the time has come for me to whip out the old credit card and buy a boat-load of tea. Any suggestions as to what I get? (Don't be afeared to name teas from *gasp* OTHER websites... dun dun duun!) :lol:

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Feb 16th, '06, 01:05
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by TeaFanatic » Feb 16th, '06, 01:05

Hmm....I'm a green fan so I'd recommend Dragonwell (delicious), sencha premier, gyokuro, or white monkey. Really though, all the greens are delicious.

Good luck with the tea buying, let us know what you get!

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Feb 16th, '06, 06:28
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by vbguy772 » Feb 16th, '06, 06:28


Since you didn't mention what you already like, I'll just mention some of my favorites. I started out buying a large selection of tea in the sample tins. I now have a total of 16 teas on my "must always have on my stash." All but 3 of them are from Adagio.

Black: Keemun Encore, Darjeeling #22, Golden Monkey, Black Mango.

White: White Peony (A Cappella,) Blueberry, Pear, Peach, Tangerine.

Rooibus: Vanilla, Orange, Macadamia

Herbal: Berry Blues

Chai: Marsala Chai

Local Tea Store Blend - this is a combination of 11 different whites, greens and rooibus.

I am feeling the need to add a green or two to this list. I tried many oolongs and as much as I wanted to like them, none of them made it to the top 16. I should also add that Adagio's Irish Breakfast in terrific. I start everyday with about 3-5 cups.

I suggest you buy as many different samplers from Adagio as you can afford and do some taste testing. You will quickly learn where your tastes fall.

Happy sipping.................. :D


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Feb 16th, '06, 08:47
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 16th, '06, 08:47

I am also in the middle of a tea buying binge. I started yesterday by odering some samples and 100g of Morrocan Mint from Stash. I have a huge order sitting at Adagio right now. (I am trying to decide if I should cut it down or just do it.) I was also planning on ordering from SpecialTeas or Indigo Tea company. If you mentioned what kind of tea you were looking for, I could probably be of more help.

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Feb 16th, '06, 08:52
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by rhpot1991 » Feb 16th, '06, 08:52

I agree that buying up a collection of different adagio samplers is a good place to start. They come in tins and are prices real nicely compared to other company's samplers. I haven't had an adagio tea that I didn't like so here are some of my favorites from adagio:

Silver Needles
White Tangarine
White Tropics

Genmai cha
White Monkey
Citron Green

Ceylon Sonata
Golden Monkey
Oriental Spice
Cranberry (xmas flavor)

Jasmine #12
Oolong #8 (mixed w/ berry blues)

Rooibos Vanilla

Wild Strawberry
Berry Blues
Raspberry Patch
Sour Apple
Blood Orange

Stash's Fusion Green and White


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Feb 16th, '06, 09:59
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by rabbit » Feb 16th, '06, 09:59

well thanks for all the suggestions- I have a sweet tooth, and so i like sweet teas (it is very hard for me, but I've stoped using sugar in my greens and whites), obviously I know that they will never be as sweet as WITH sugar, but the sweeter they are naturaly the better :D

I also have tried wuyi oolong and I really enjoy that tea alot, so I figure I might like other oolongs.

As for green, at the moment my favorites are gunpowder, and hojicha.

My very fav. black tea (i have it for breakfast every day) is british breakfast tea.

and I havn't had too many white teas, so I don't really know of any that I really like.

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Feb 16th, '06, 10:28
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 16th, '06, 10:28

Hmm...Do you like fruity? I really like Adagio's Tangerine, Stash's Dragonfruit, and Indigo's Lychee. Also, Apricot green and Citron green are on my always have list. Cocomint green is pretty good, too. Oh, and Mango. Mango is good.

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Feb 16th, '06, 12:53
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by Kestrel » Feb 16th, '06, 12:53


Black: Assam Harmony (my favorite), Yunnan Gold (also a necessity at my house), Irish Breakfast (since you mentioned you like British breakfast tea)

Oolongs: Jasmine #12. On the expensive side, but a fantastic tasting tea - and it makes an easy and excellent 2nd infusion (I haven't mastered 3 infusions yet, but it looks to be good for a 3rd infusion, too)

Green: If you like sweet, Apricot Green would be a good one to try, and the Genmai Cha

Herbals: You should totally try out the herbal fruit teas Adagio has - like Wild Strawberry, Raspberry Patch, and Blood Orange. Mmmm, raspberry...

Definately try the herbal fruit teas. Yum yum. And natrually sweet.

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Feb 16th, '06, 13:23
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 16th, '06, 13:23

Ooo, I just thought of a couple good naturally sweet teas. Harney and Sons' Hot Cinnamon Spice and Revolution tea's Sweet Ginger Peach Tea. Both are yummy.

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Feb 16th, '06, 18:54
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by Marlene » Feb 16th, '06, 18:54

A naturally sweet tea that I love is Lychee Red
Fun Alliance carries it, and Kam is a great guy. It takes for bleading ever to get here, but I think it's worth it.

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Feb 17th, '06, 10:46
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 17th, '06, 10:46

Did you order? What did you get?

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Feb 17th, '06, 12:16
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by rabbit » Feb 17th, '06, 12:16

I had to postpone my order because the fee for my drivers test was $120 :( But the good news is that I now have my license! :D So I can drive to the Upton Tea company about an hour from here. I WILL keep all of your suggestions in mind as the teas I get next time, thanks :D

{EDIT} Well, the calling of the tea was too much for me so I decided to order it anyway, I really wanted to order from adagio being as they have soo many good looking teas, but because of the shopping cart problem I decided to order from another website :roll: Here's what I got:

Wuyi Rock Tea (4oz)
Lichee Black Tea (8oz)
Hoji Cha (6oz)
Pu-erh Toucha (4oz)
Earl Grey (8oz)
Green Rooibos (8oz)
as the site called it "Pu-erh Tea" (loose leaf) (4oz)
and a green tea sampler which included about 1oz of each of the following:
# Dragon Well Green Tea (Lung Ching)
# Jasmine Dragon Pearl
# Pingshui Gunpowder Green Tea
# Chun Mee Green Tea
# Imperial Huangshan Maofeng
# Emerald Petals Green Tea, (Lu An Gua Pian)
# Mao Jian Green Tea
# Three Cup Fragrance Green Tea
I also ordered THIS gaiwan, and some of THESE bad boys :D

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