Tea and Eggnog

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Dec 10th, '09, 15:14
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Tea and Eggnog

by Maliase » Dec 10th, '09, 15:14

I used to be a dedicated coffee drinker and always looked forward to having eggnog in my coffee during the holiday season. After discovering Adagio this summer, I have switched to tea for almost all of my caffeine needs.

But with Christmas approaching, I find myself missing the eggnog in my coffee. So my question is: what kinds of tea go best with eggnog?

I've seen a few custom blends that seem designed for eggnog, but will other teas mix with it as well? How's it with rooibos? Any of the oolong or chai?

What have people tried?

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Dec 10th, '09, 15:19
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Re: Tea and Eggnog

by Chip » Dec 10th, '09, 15:19

I would think an Assam black or a similar Irish Breakfast blend. Possibly a "Chai" blend. Possibly a Yunnan black.

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