Daddy's Big 60th Birthday

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Feb 28th 06 3:43 am

Daddy's Big 60th Birthday

by ChineseAmerican » Feb 28th 06 3:43 am

My father's big 60th Birthday is this year and of course we daughter's gotta throw the big 60th birthday dinner.
My dad...due to the medication he is on...can not drink alcohol. So...I was thinking of a plan where I can have a Birthday dinner with NO ALCOHOL. So my dad wont be tempted to drink.
I came up with a theme for my dad's dinner. "TEA" Im going to have the top 9 all time favorite "TEA" at the dinner. So that his guest can all come and drink "TEA" (also very chinese traditional)
I need to buy at least 100 pieces Gaiwan tea cups and 10 matching tea pots and 10 tea warmers.
And then at the end of the night each guest can bring home the tea cup with a sample size of their favorite tea.
Would anybody know any information that can help me. Would anybody know any Tea Companies that would like to promote thier Tea at this Birthday party.
Any information will be appreciated!


Feb 28th 06 12:08 pm
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by marz910 » Feb 28th 06 12:08 pm

Here's a spot that you can get the gaiwan tea cups at a pretty good prices. As for tea pot why not use Adagio's personaliTea pot. It's only $9 each and white, so it will go with whatevere tea cup you choose. As for warmers I know Adagio sells them but is out of stock right now, but you might be able to get that in a party store (not sure but it's possible).

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Feb 28th 06 8:56 pm
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by yresim » Feb 28th 06 8:56 pm

If you aren't positively committed to sending the gaiwans home with people, you might want to look into renting them. There are rental stores that specialize in partyware, including cups, plates, etc. I use one near here for parties, because its cheaper than buying what I need (it changes every year). You'd have to find one near you that stocks gaiwans, though.