Aug 3rd, '10, 20:44
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Hibiscus and High Blood Pressure

by groovystig » Aug 3rd, '10, 20:44

Hi All!

I'm looking for some info/feedback. I've recently had high blood pressure and would like to try to control it myself before going on meds. I've read several articles saying that hibiscus has shown signs of lowering HBP. Have any of you heard this? And better yet, have any of you had any success with using herbal teas? Thank you so much! :D

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Aug 4th, '10, 12:36
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Re: Hibiscus and High Blood Pressure

by TwoPynts » Aug 4th, '10, 12:36

I like drinking barley tea for overall well being. It is suppose to increase blood fluidity as well. I can vouch that certain herbal teas definitely calm me, but don't have any BP tests to back it up.

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