Ways to recommend teas to try?

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Sep 15th, '10, 17:22
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Ways to recommend teas to try?

by TeaDragon » Sep 15th, '10, 17:22

So I'm kinda curious...is there any kind of recommendation system out there for tea?

What I had in mind was some kind of little app or web site where you could input the teas you have tried, and what flavors you liked about them or what flavors you didn't like about them, and you could then get a list of recommended teas to try.

For instance:
I have a 2000 Trinity pu'erh that I really like. It's earthy and dark and musty and has a strong scent and medium strong flavor.
I really like the Small Red Robe as well. It has a nutty barky flavor that is very appealing.
The Spring 2008 Jade Iron Goddess is also very appealing; it's light and grassy with a strong scent that's almost a matcha/seaweed cross and mild flavor.

What other types of tea would you recommend based on this?

Sep 15th, '10, 22:02
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Re: Ways to recommend teas to try?

by Kunkali » Sep 15th, '10, 22:02

There are a lot of tea blogs out there that go into microscopic detail in regards to the different teas they consume. You may want to start by hitting those blogs...steepster is also a good place to find people's opinions on certain teas from different vendors.

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