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Apr 8th 06 5:07 am
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Tea women

by peachaddict » Apr 8th 06 5:07 am

Ok, after the blog about how many here are young people, I got to wondering how many here are female. It seems like some teas would be good for drinking during PMS to get the edge off. Also, it might be a good thing for stress relief - a substitute for chocolate. Down side is that some teas can't be drunken by pregnant women.

Anyway, raise your hands if you're female. Mine's up to the ceiling.

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Apr 8th 06 10:21 am
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by Kestrel » Apr 8th 06 10:21 am

I'm female! I'm female!

I like Assam Harmony, Yunnan Gold, Keemun Concerto, Jasmine #12, and SnowBud white tea. 8)

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Apr 8th 06 5:45 pm
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by klemptor » Apr 8th 06 5:45 pm

Female here, too.

Black tea in general (practically all varieties) is my default "comfort food." My current obsession is Yunnan.

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Apr 8th 06 6:02 pm
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by teamuse » Apr 8th 06 6:02 pm

looks down at baby bump....

yep female

when i am pmsing or having mood swings with the pregnancy...i'll head for a cup of chamomile or rooibos...oh oh and the raspberry patch. Raspberry leaf tea is also very good for women. You can buy it at health food stores, there is a raspberry leaf blend and a PMS blend. There is also a Pregnancy once...but I find that I don't like it as much as the others.

other than that...if it is tea...i'll probably try it at least once

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Apr 8th 06 10:50 pm
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by daughteroftheKing » Apr 8th 06 10:50 pm

Been a tea-guzzlin' woman for several decades now. Oh, I politely sip and enjoy, too, but I'd never get through work without downing lots of iced tea (yes, year round, even in the mountains).

My favorites are Adagio's Jasmine 12 and Darjeeling 22 (both are very good hot and cold). I enjoy trying other flavors, but I keep going back to those two as my basics for life.
And I'll never be able to get far from Bigelow's Constant Comment. I know, I know...I even buy it in bags but I can't help it! [shamefully buries face in her hands]

Chamomile (even better with mint or lavender) helps when you don't feel just right. To survive PMS, a little caffeine is great!

"I enjoy being a girl!"

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Apr 10th 06 12:28 am
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by yresim » Apr 10th 06 12:28 am

I am female.

No PMS or babies or anything like that, though. I just like tea. I inherited my tea love from my daddy.


Apr 10th 06 3:42 pm
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by PlantFan » Apr 10th 06 3:42 pm

me too. (the plantfan is for robert plant. *drool*)
i too have been looking into teas and herbals for womens' issues/health. how about aphrodisiacs?
generally i've been enjoying the oolongs.

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Apr 10th 06 3:53 pm
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by LavenderPekoe » Apr 10th 06 3:53 pm

I am a woman as well.

Jun 24th 06 2:01 pm
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by Gunpowder » Jun 24th 06 2:01 pm

I'm a female too!

I just started becoming more of a serious tea drinker, even though I've seemed to have a tea collection before. I even had a tea drawer at my old desk job. Even though all of it was supermarket bought, I still enjoyed it. Since I've moved on to loose tea and I know where my heart is.

My favorites are Rooibos Peach, Assam Harmony (with a little milk), and Pina Colada. I like the Pina Colada blend even though it doesn't taste much like an authentic Pina Colada. It's really nice to mix in with Rooibos Peach. It's really relaxing and I've always found that tea helps with cramps.

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Jun 24th 06 9:26 pm
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by peachaddict » Jun 24th 06 9:26 pm

Welcome to the board, Gunpowder! Happy to see another female tea drinker here :D . Yeah, it's always a good thing to have a good cramp medicine.

Rooibos Peach...I'll have to try some :) .

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Jun 24th 06 11:59 pm
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by Marlene » Jun 24th 06 11:59 pm

Yuppers. One more female present.

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Jun 25th 06 2:43 am
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by Carnelian » Jun 25th 06 2:43 am

Female here! I just have liked tea for years, the fact that it helps with all three forms of PMS is just a bonus. Also Gunpowder, I love the rooibos peach and I'm glad to not be the only one to feel that way

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Jun 25th 06 3:05 pm
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by Sweet_Tea » Jun 25th 06 3:05 pm

I changed my name to this, Gunpowder felt a little to threatening of a name :? and a touch masculine.

I recomend the Rooibos Peach, but I bought it from Teavana. Going by what I know by them, I think Adagio's will be better, too bad I didn't know about this site before I discovered them in the mall. I think I will keep going to Teavana for their Mate Vana, but that might be the only blend I keep purchasing from them.

The other teas that I mention are from Adagio. I still love them. I can't wait until I get low on Teavana's Rooibos Peach so I can buy some from Adagio.

I think I'll make myself a cup now! :D

Jun 25th 06 3:51 pm
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by knitstuff » Jun 25th 06 3:51 pm

Another tea drining female here!

Been drinking tea as long as I can remember, my mother is the one who got me addicted to the stuff. I can remember being a wee small child and drinking tea with milk in it.

I pretty much like all flavors, except for the smoky ones. MY DH loves those, though.


Jul 11th 06 12:13 pm
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by Caringb » Jul 11th 06 12:13 pm

Here's another tea-drinking woman. I enjoy almost all the Roobius teas, as well as almond and oh, mustn't forget, Berry Blues. Mm-mm!

So now that we women are identifying ourselves, now...?