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Aug 14th 06 12:51 am
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by karia » Aug 14th 06 12:51 am

daughteroftheKing wrote:
And I'll never be able to get far from Bigelow's Constant Comment. I know, I know...I even buy it in bags but I can't help it! [shamefully buries face in her hands]
I am a woman! i have loved tea all my life, but i only moved to loose teas about 2 years ago.

I have to say this daughter, Bigelow's Constant Comment, is bigelows signature tea, as such they take it very seriously (no surprise it is one of their highest quality teas) and it is a VERY well respected tea. They do sell it loose, and its easy to see why its so loved its a great tea with a unique flavor and there is no shame in loving great teas!

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Aug 14th 06 2:23 am
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by Jasmine Green » Aug 14th 06 2:23 am

Another woman here! Bigelow's Constant Comment got me started with tea appreciation and I still love it! I've only been drinking loose tea for the past year and am still learning a lot! I'm currently enjoying oolongs and getting sample packs to try. My fave's are a darjeeling oolong first flush and fine grade formosa oolong which is more along my price range. I've accumulated quite a collection of teas, though. A good jasmine green (hence the name) with maybe a little rooibos added always relaxes me when I'm in need of comfort.

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Aug 28th 06 3:02 pm
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by Madam Potts » Aug 28th 06 3:02 pm

Count me in! This Lady loves her tea!

my blog is: www.teaguru.blogspot.com


Madam Potts

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Aug 28th 06 3:43 pm
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by Cinnamon » Aug 28th 06 3:43 pm

Another tea-drinking lady, here!

As my name suggests, I do love cinnamon in many things, including my tea. I also turn to Valentines or Rooibos ChocoMint for a substitute to my chocolate fix.

For PMS, I enjoy Chamomile, with or without a bit of mint, or Rooibos Cinnamon Apple.

Another PMS remedy I've read about but never tried mentions making a "tea" from cornsilk. Any volunteers? ;)