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Nov 10th, '10, 15:19
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Re: jana water

by teaisme » Nov 10th, '10, 15:19

olivierco wrote:Here is a link about this water

http://www.finewaters.com/Bottled_Water ... oucous.asp

What a fine website thanks!

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Nov 13th, '10, 08:58
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Re: jana water

by Marco » Nov 13th, '10, 08:58

olivierco wrote:
Marco wrote:
With my knowledge of geology, I can not think of a natural area where water only can dissolve so few minerals. Sorry that I remain skeptical, but it contradicts with what I have learned.

Here is a link about this water


The TDS value is low indeed - wonder if it is some kind of glacier water.

For those who are interested in water:
Mineral waters of the world
a lot of nice information :)

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