Testing organics

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Apr 13th, '11, 15:52
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Testing organics

by teaisme » Apr 13th, '11, 15:52

I think it would be great if a few people banded together and did some tests on a few organics that you find questionable.
Anyone have much experience in the food testing field?

I hear that testing for synthetic fertilizer is rather cheap (nitrogen isotope) and was wondering how much a pesticide test would run.

I like assurances about what I am drinking, and this is a good opportunity to test a vendors honesty.

I'll send a couple emails to testing facilities to get an idea of amounts of tea needed and how much it would cost. It would be great if others did also so we could compare prices.

This kind of thing I don't think I have the time to venture out all on my own.
Any interest here on the chatty?