DIY Teas in my greenhouse

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May 4th, '11, 14:35
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Re: DIY Teas in my greenhouse

by entropyembrace » May 4th, '11, 14:35

churng wrote:I think maybe people are underestimating the hardiness of a tea plant?

I imagine that after the initial delicate phase when its beginning to grow its roots it might be a little temperamental, but once it's time to transfer from pot to soil I don't see it being that hard to keep alive at all

Found these if you have difficulty finding seeds and plants...

They also have one year old ones too so you can skip some worry
That depends on where you live...where I live a camellia left outdoors during winter will die, developed roots or not. Even modern cold hardy camellia hybrids can´t survive when the temperature drops below -30ºC for days at a time.

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May 7th, '11, 08:10
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Re: DIY Teas in my greenhouse

by Alex » May 7th, '11, 08:10

nonc_ron wrote:Image
With tea so cheap and food so expensive I'll stick with growing food.

Wow you grew a cat?!>!>!?

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