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May 12th, '11, 23:38
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Tea Party help

by 1trout » May 12th, '11, 23:38

I am new to Tea Chat but have a question for you and your members. I am planning a afternoon tea party and want to have a variety of additions that my guests can choose to add to their cup of hot tea. I generally prefer unadulterated black, green and oolong teas over the scented and flavored varieties. On my tea table, I will put out milk, sugar cubes, artificial sweetener, candied ginger bits, honey, lemon slices studded with cloves, spearmint sprigs and thin sliced fresh ginger. Any other items your forum members might suggest? Appreciate any assistance you and your forum members can give me.

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May 12th, '11, 23:42
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Re: Tea Party help

by Chip » May 12th, '11, 23:42

Hi, I moved your post here and created a new topic so it will be more at home and hopefully more response.

Enjoy your TeaPartay! :mrgreen:

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May 13th, '11, 16:10
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Re: Tea Party help

by teaisme » May 13th, '11, 16:10

girls dig the flower petals :) A wide arrangement of different types of flower petals would spark a lot of interest , and could potentially be a good learning experience before you step into oolongs that are named after flowers

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