teavana tea samples?

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Jul 8th, '11, 00:31
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teavana tea samples?

by megustabailar » Jul 8th, '11, 00:31

i'm pretty sure that at most teavana stores they have the white ayurvedic chai and samurai chai mate blended together which is like a tannish color, and it's just tastes amazing. when i bought both of them, it didn't have the same spicy, cinnamony taste to it, so i'm planning on buying just the one that is most prominent in the sample. does anyone know which of them it is?

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Jul 8th, '11, 22:50
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Re: teavana tea samples?

by SlientSipper » Jul 8th, '11, 22:50

Its a psychological trap.
I used to make those all the time.
They are often made in rather unclean containers and really you get sick of it pretty fast.

Refer to this to help you understand!


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