Growing my own tea

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Dec 1st, '11, 13:31
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Growing my own tea

by Mterpstra » Dec 1st, '11, 13:31

hey everybody

i just bought myself a tea plant. just one, because i don't have a garden.
i keep it inside, but i have a few questions about growing it.

on the internet there are some guides but they are all about how to cultivate your tea outside. i wondered if anybody had good tips for cultivating a tea plant inside.
it's about 1 foot long now, annd it has a lot of big leaves. for harvesting, is it goop to cut off some of the bigger leaves or keep them on?

in different guides it tells you mixed things about the humidity rate. do tea plants need high or low humidity?


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Dec 1st, '11, 14:08
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Re: Growing my own tea

by Chip » Dec 1st, '11, 14:08

If you have not read them already, there are a few related topics including ... ... hilit=grow

Growing a tea plant inside is not likely to produce tea that is particularly good tasting. But this should not stop you from trying. In general, in an ideal environment, it still takes three years for a tea plant to be "productive" enough to harvest. In order to brew a cup of tea, it takes pretty many leaves.

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