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Dec 8th, '11, 01:50
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Cha qi (cha gi, cha ki, "tea energy")

by needaTEAcher » Dec 8th, '11, 01:50

I have been learning about gi (qi, chi, ki) and tea lately, and I have a great graphic to share. I also would love any posts with good information or insight to add.
2011-11-30 12.35.58.jpg
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From what was explained to me, the top character is water, puerh, and it condenses your gi downward, into your core; the next one, clockwise, is wood, green tea, and it promotes gi circulation; the bottom is fire, red tea (others call is black tea, as in fully oxidized but not fermented) and it sends gi upwards (heating your body); to the left is metal, white tea, and it sends gi from the sides inwards along the breast line (I can't remember the name of this line); in the middle is earth, yellow and oolong, which sends gi outwards from the middle along the breast line.

I was told that Britons like red tea so much because it rains there a lot, and the fire tea helps keep them warmed up!

I was also told that it is important to drink yellow tea before drinking a lot of puerh, to keep the gi moving, and that if you drink too much puerh it can cause gi blockage. Also, when blocked, green tea is supposed to help. Just some interesting thoughts I wanted to share!

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Dec 8th, '11, 15:31
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Re: Cha qi (cha gi, cha ki, "tea energy")

by teaisme » Dec 8th, '11, 15:31

interesting stuff I wonder how much your opinions will change in a year or so of more study in this subject please update on change of opinion!
needaTEAcher wrote:I was told that Britons like red tea so much because it rains there a lot
I always summed it up to being more stable for shipping/storage and their abundant hard water which doesn't play well with many other teas, just guessing though

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Re: Cha qi (cha gi, cha ki, "tea energy")

by Poohblah » Dec 8th, '11, 15:36

That's just the standard 五行 or five element cycle. It's not all that surprising that the different kinds of teas would be associated with the different elements, since almost everything else is, but the associations you listed are rather interesting, if somewhat arbitrary.

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