In Need of Tea

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Feb 9th, '12, 21:18
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In Need of Tea

by Corona » Feb 9th, '12, 21:18

My head feels like it is about to explode from all the reading I have been doing on a new tea to order. I have looked at everything from oolongs to Japanese greens, and I cannot make my mind up on what I would like try next.
So, if anyone would like to chime in: what would you recommend I purchase, for something new? Any particular teas that really opened your eyes to something you had never experienced before? Your absolute favorites?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have, I look forward to what you have to say!

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Feb 9th, '12, 23:13
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Re: In Need of Tea

by SlientSipper » Feb 9th, '12, 23:13

It all depends on what you like.
Maybe a white or a Pu-Erh?
I've taken a liking to Mao Feng's (pronounced FUNNG)
lately. Oh and Matcha.

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Feb 9th, '12, 23:21
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Re: In Need of Tea

by Chip » Feb 9th, '12, 23:21

If you have not already ... definitely try some tea pron ... asamushi and fukamushi. :mrgreen:

Specific recommendations you ask ... Aoi asamushi and Yutaka Midori fukamushi from O-Cha.

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