Jun 7th, '12, 22:24
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New to tea, any recommendations?

by Tako » Jun 7th, '12, 22:24

Hello members! To start off anonymous you can call me Tako =)

I'm in need of some help of good quality teas and sources, I've used tealux but feel its not highest quality. So could anyone help me out here?

I've ordered a bunch of teas ;

-Dragon Well | Long Jing Supreme 2012
Loving this tea, nutty very similar to pumpkin seeds. Will be looking for other sources for this after this batch xD
-Bai Hao Yin Zhen | Silver Needle. Harvest 2012
-Jasmine Dragon Pearls
-Hong Yu | Red Jade Organic *not bad I prefer the first 3*

I'm not a fan of these two although I'll try other oolongs
-Miyazaki Takachiho Japanese Oolong | Limited Edition
-Darjeeling Margaret's Hope First Flush 2012

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Jun 12th, '12, 17:29
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Re: New to tea, any recommendations?

by teaisme » Jun 12th, '12, 17:29

good old harvard square :o brings back memories

Those two oolongs you tried are very fast releasing and unlike a wuyi,dancong, or ball style oolong. They are more borderline red tea tasting. To get a bigger picture of what oolongs can offer it's often better to get from the country of origin (china/taiwan).

This is actually a thread for recommendations to adagio, not recommendations for you/others. But enough nit picking.

Jing tea shop, yunnan sourcing, yuuki-cha, essence of tea, houde.
All places I feel worthy of recommendation.

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